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A Small batch coffee company with curated roasts to elevate your toking experience

Here at Toker’s Coffee we use the freshest beans, fire roasted daily in small batches, for the freshest cup of gourmet coffee to accompany your smoke sesh. We’ve paired our roasts with some of the most prominent strains to match the terpene profile to compliment the tastes and aromas of both substances. Instead of drinking a regular cup of joe with your smoke, enjoy a fresh cup of gourmet Toker’s coffee for an elevated experience. Our roasts are meticulously crafted to bring out even the most subtle tastes of cannabis to fully experience the strain the way it was grown to be. 

Coffee is part of the toking experience, not just an accompanying beverage.

We've crafted Wake'N Bake'N to go best with not only sativas, but also fruitier and sweeter strains. The energetic feeling from sativas has synergistic effects with light roast coffee. When smoking a sativa, you are likely looking for a happier, more upbeat feeling and the higher caffeine content found in light roasts is the ideal combination.

For hybrids, we engineered High Noon Bloom for the optimal middle ground between light/dark roasts and sativa/indica strains. Containing a compromise of caffeine between Wake'N Bake'N and Midnight Toker, this medium roast coffee pairs perfectly with all flavor profiles of cannabis, but compliments hybrid strains best.

And when it comes to indicas, we've developed Midnight Toker. The lower caffeine content found in a dark roast goes great when trying to unwind and relax with your late night toke. You still get the cotton mouth killing coffee without keeping you up too late.

So, pack a bowl, roll a J', and grab a bag of Toker's Coffee to take your smoking experience to a higher level!

Experience cannabis the way it’s supposed to be.